Mastering the VC Game

A VC insider reveals how start-ups can successfully finance and launch their venture.

Bussgang’s compelling book provides endless insights into the global world of venture capital. The discussions about China are particularly noteworthy.  It is very valuable reading for entrepreneurs who aspire to scale their business into long-term leading enterprises.

- Jim Breyer, Managing Partner, Accel Partners

Finding the right VC for you and your company can be a challenging task. Bussgang’s recounting of his experience gives a unique perspective on the VC world and is a compelling read for entrepreneurs.

- Tony Hsieh, CEO,

Mastering the VC Game is part ‘how to’ and part ‘war story.’ It is the best kind of book: a fun and educational read.

- Fred Wilson, managing partner,
Union Square Ventures

A 360 degree perspective on the venture capitalist-entrepreneur virtuous cycle. Read this to understand what it takes to be a catalyst to the best economic driver the world has ever known.

- Tim Draper, managing director,
Draper Fisher Jurvetson

Bussgang offers practical advice about raising venture capital from the right people at the right time for the right project. The book is insightful for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists alike.

- William A. Sahlman, professor,
Harvard Business School and coauthor,
New Business Ventures and the Entrepreneur

Jeff Bussgang has written the definitive book on how venture capital works. I’ve read a lot of books on this subject, was an entrepreneur for 10 years and have been a VC for 15 years. Jeff’s book is by far the best to date on this subject.

- Brad Feld, Managing Partner, Foundry Group

This book is excellent. It is not only a great read (I couldn’t put it down) but also extremely informative on the process and the whole larger system in which VCs and entrepreneurs operate.

- William Aulet, managing director,
MIT Entrepreneurship Center

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Why Do VCs Blog (and Tweet)?

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The VC Gender Gap – Are VCs Sexist?

Posted on: October 5th, 2009

I find the preponderance of males in VC an annoying and stubborn phenomenon.  When I first entered the start-up game as an entrepreneur in the mid 1990s, I didn’t think much of the “VC gender gap” as there were plenty of women executives around.  In fact, between one third and one half of the executive teams at my two start-ups (Open Market and Upromise) were women. Read more »

How Should VCs Say No – When It’s The Team?

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VCs have an unfair advantage when it comes to financings.  They simply have more experience doing deals. Read more »

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