An essential guide to finding the right job.


Many professionals aspire to work for a start-up. Executives from large companies view them as models to help them adapt to today’s dynamic innovation economy. Yes, start-ups look magical, but they can also be chaotic and inaccessible. Many books are written for those who aspire to be founders, but a company only has one or two of those. What’s needed are hundreds of employees to do the day-to-day work required to operate a fledgling company and grow it into something of value.

This practical, step-by-step guide provides an insider’s analysis of various start-up roles and responsibilities, including product development, marketing, growth strategy, and sales, to help you figure out if you want to join a start-up and what to expect if you do. You’ll gain insight into how successful start-ups operate and learn to assess which of them you might want to join―or emulate.

Inside this book you’ll find:

  • A tour of typical start-up roles to help you determine which one might be the best fit for you
  • Profiles of start-up executives in many different functions who share their stories and describe their responsibilities
  • A practical approach to your job search that will help you position yourself to find the start-up opportunity that’s right for you

Featuring Stories and Tips from Startup Joiners

Yasi Baiani

Startups joined: Athena Health, Fitbit

Joe Chernov

Startups joined: BzzAgent, Eloqua, Kinvey, HubSpot, InsightSquared

Greg Crist

Startups joined: iBelong Networks, Verilytics, Vovici, SPSS

Tracy Cronlund

Startups joined:, Vocus, tracx

Rita Garg

Startups joined:Twitter, Zenefits

Tom Howe

Startups joined: Open Market, iPhrase, Liquid Machines, Google

Daniel Koh

Startups joined: The Huffington Post

Ahron Oddman

Startups joined: nCino

Lynda Smith

Startups joined: Jive Software, Twilio, Jibo

Erin Warren

Startups joined: Upromise, ColleheWeekLive, Cartera Commerce

Tamara Zagorovskaya

Startup joined: Pinterest

Julie Zhou

Startups joined: Google, Hipmunk, Yik Yak, AdRoll