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A VC and former entrepreneur goes inside the world of venture capital to reveal how start-ups can successfully finance and launch their venture.


Entrepreneurs who dream of building the next Amazon, Facebook or Google have the opportunity to take advantage of one of the most powerful economic engines the world has ever known: venture capital. To do so, you need to woo, impress, and persuade venture capitalists to take a risk on an unproven endeavor. Getting funding is challenge enough, but choosing the right investor and creating a good working relationship can be harder still. You want your VC to act as a partner and adviser, not as an adversary who cares more about a quick return than about realizing the vision of your company.
Jeffrey Bussgang is one of the few people who have played on both sides of this high-stakes game. By his early thirties, he had helped build two successful start-ups—one went public, the other was acquired. Now he uses his experience and unique perspective on “the other side” as a venture capitalist helping entrepreneurs bring their dreams to fruition.
Bussgang offers detailed insights, colorful stories, and practical advice gathered from his own experience as well as from interviews with dozens of the most successful players on both sides of the game, including Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman. He reveals how to get noticed, perfect a pitch, and negotiate a partnership that works for everyone.

Featuring stories from Venture Capitalists and Entrepreneurs

Venture Capitalists


Tim Draper

Founder and a Managing Director of Draper Fisher Jurvetson


Irena Goldenberg

General Partner at Highland Capital Partners Europe

David Hornik

General Partner at August Capital


Terry McGuire

General Partner at Polaris Ventures

Howard Morgan

Partner at First Round Capital

Patricia Nakache

General Partner at Trinity Ventures


Henry Ngyuen

Managing General Partner of IDG Ventures Vietnam


Fred Wilson

Co-founder and managing partner, Union Square Ventures


Quan Zhou

Managing Director and co-founder, IDG Capital Partners




Tim Bucher

Former Chief Executive Officer of Zing Systems, Inc (acquired by Dell)

Jack Dorsey

Founder and CEO Twitter and Square


Gail Goodman

Chairman, CEO and President of Constant Contact (NASDAQ:  CTCT)


Reid Hoffman

Founder and Chairman of LinkedIn


Bob Langer

MIT Professor (one of 14 “Institute Professors”)


Marsha Moses

Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School and Senior Principal Investigator in the Vascular Biology Program at Children’s Hospital Boston


Eric Paley

Former Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Brontes Technologies (acquired by 3M)


Mark Pinkus

Chief Executive Officer and founder of Zynga, Inc.


Christoph Westphal

Co-founder and CEO of Sirtris Pharmaceticals (acquired by GSK)


“Finding the right VC for you and your company can be a challenging task. Bussgang’s recounting of his experience gives a unique perspective on the VC world and is a compelling read for entrepreneurs.”

- Tony Hsieh, CEO,

“Mastering the VC Game is part ‘how to’ and part ‘war story.’ It is the best kind of book: a fun and educational read.”

- Fred Wilson, managing partner, Union Square Ventures

“A 360 degree perspective on the venture capitalist-entrepreneur virtuous cycle. Read this to understand what it takes to be a catalyst to the best economic driver the world has ever known.”

- Tim Draper, managing director, Draper Fisher Jurvetson

“Bussgang offers practical advice about raising venture capital from the right people at the right time for the right project. The book is insightful for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists alike.”

- William A. Sahlman, professor, Harvard Business School and coauthor, New Business Ventures and the Entrepreneur

“This book is excellent. It is not only a great read (I couldn’t put it down) but also extremely informative on the process and the whole larger system in which VCs and entrepreneurs operate.”

- William Aulet, managing director, MIT Entrepreneurship Center

“Jeff Bussgang has written the definitive book on how venture capital works. I’ve read a lot of books on this subject, was an entrepreneur for 10 years and have been a VC for 15 years. Jeff’s book is by far the best to date on this subject.”

- Brad Feld, Managing Partner, Foundry Group

“There are tons of books to help entrepreneurs understand things like accounting, marketing, and sales. But until now you were left to fend for yourself to grasp the insider game of venture capital funding. Read this book right now so you can look your potential VC in the eye with confidence.”

- David Meerman Scott, bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing & PR

“Bussgang’s compelling book provides endless insights into the global world of venture capital. The discussions about China are particularly noteworthy. It is very valuable reading for entrepreneurs who aspire to scale their business into long-term leading enterprises.”

- Jim Breyer, Managing Partner, Accel Partners